Owambe the Western way


Owambe is a large grandiose party thrown by Nigerians anywhere in the world, especially the Yoruba Nigerians, that involves a lot of food, loud music, dancing and spraying ( Nigerian term which means throwing currencies on someone dancing). There are often numerous guests, and are mostly divided into groups according to their Aso Ebi (uniform: some group might wear white and green, some gold and red, etc.). Owambe takes days and sometimes weeks or months of preparation and have been known to block the entire street and roads especially in Lagos, Nigeria.
The name Owambe sprang up from the inner heart of Lagos of the then Western Nigeria. Owambe is considered to be a lifetime party thrown to welcome a celebrant’s fortune, which may come in form of a new child, new car, house or promotion in office and particularly, adult birthday celebration.
An Owambe party musn’t lack the presence of numerous guests, both invited and the uninvited known as “Mogbo Moya”. No this alone, there must also be the presence of currencies flying in the air which will later stick to the sweating heads of muscians and dancers. A weekend without Owambe is incomplete, well, you might not even find one weekend like that, here in the West.
Let the celebration begin!!!

3 thoughts on “Owambe the Western way

  1. See mamas in actions. Those good days are gone. Well, we can bring them back like you’re(oldnaija) doing.


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