Boundaries/ Borders of Nigeria

Nigerian borders

Below are the main boundaries or borders of the Republic of Nigeria (border lengths included)

* Niger Republic and Chad borders Nigeria in the North ==> Nigeria- Niger border (1,497 km), Nigeria-Chad border (87 km)

* Benin Republic borders Nigeria in the West ==> Nigeria-Benin border (773 km)

* Cameroon borders Nigeria in the East ==> Nigeria-Cameroon border (1690 km)

* The Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean borders Nigeria in the south

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11 thoughts on “Boundaries/ Borders of Nigeria

  1. Can u tell us were the borders are my daughter is doing a project on colonization and she picked nigeria can u guys please tell us were the borders are that will be highly appreciated 😀😀


  2. Wao! Your daughter’s project is going to be really awesome. It’s an interesting aspect!
    Here is what you requested;
    * Nigeria-Niger border:- Birnin Kuka, Katsina State
    * Nigeria-Chad border:- Borno State
    * Nigeria-Benin border:- Seme border, Lagos State
    * Nigeria-Cameroon border:- Cross River State
    * Nigeria-Atlantic:- Niger Delta, Lagos State
    Thanks for your visit, Mr. Salat Carson.


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