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Baby Kilode By Dizzy K Falola (1983)

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Baby Kilode (Baby, what is wrong) is a popular Nigerian pop song sang in the 80s by the Falsetto King, Dizzy K Falola born Kunle Falola. The heavy disco song was released in 1983 and included in the album “Be My Friend”. Dizzy K Falola was known to have taken after the style of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in his music career. Dizzy K Falola sang many other songs such as Excuse Me Baby, Take It To The DJ, Be My Friend, but Baby Kilode still remain his biggest hit. The song sent people dancing wild on the streets, in clubs, parties and musical concerts throughout the 1980s in Nigeria.

The Origin of Nollywood, the Nigerian Film Industry

living in bondage

The origin of Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, can be traced back to the 1960s when the first set of Nollywood movies were produced by great historical filmmakers, the likes of Hubert Ogunde, Jab Adu, Ola Balogun, Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala), Adeyemi Afolayan a.k.a Ade Love and Eddie Ugboma. These professionals were Continue reading The Origin of Nollywood, the Nigerian Film Industry

Owambe the Western way


Owambe is a large grandiose party thrown by Nigerians anywhere in the world, especially the Yoruba Nigerians, that involves a lot of food, loud music, dancing and spraying ( Nigerian term which means throwing currencies on someone dancing). There are often numerous guests, and are mostly divided into groups according to their Aso Ebi Continue reading Owambe the Western way

Professor Peller Magical Performances In The Early 70s


Professor Peller was the most brilliant in Africa when he was alive. Even after his death, it is not certain that his records has been broken by other magicians in Africa. He performed in almost every country in Africa, and not only before Princes and the elites, but also held Kings spellbound with his magic. Here is how a professor of psychiatry, Femi Oyebode, at the University of Birmingham, described Peller and one of his shows in 1972 at the George V stadium in Lagos, now known as Onikan Stadium. Continue reading Professor Peller Magical Performances In The Early 70s

Fashion In Early Nigeria

Nigeria guys with swag
Nigeria guys with swag


Back in the late 60s and early 70s, the fashion memories of those days were recalled. There are legions of fashion expert and reputable fashion designers, the likes of Ogundero the tailor, Fagbohun the tailor, Lai Olumegbon tailoring services and probably Idowu the tailor, they were all situated around the Yaba axis then. The hub of fashion then were Lagos and Ibadan with no rival, the other places were just coming up in fashion. These tailors were trained in England and could build you a suit perfectly fitted to your body. In the early 70s, the Continue reading Fashion In Early Nigeria

Music in the early 70s- Lagos, Nigeria


Lest we neglect the under-represented sounds of West African funk, the folks at Afro Strut have put together a magnificent 3-disc compilation that celebrates the movement.Nigeria 70reminds us of the spirit and diversity of the sounds that emerged around Lagos in the ’70s with nearly 150 minutes of music.
At the outset, let’s make it clear where this set stands: at the very pinnacle of African music compilations ever released. The subject certainly offers a rich field to mine, and the producers have done an amazing job bringing the music to life.
First, a bit of history. At a vortex Continue reading Music in the early 70s- Lagos, Nigeria